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April 10, 2022

When You're Just Not Feeling It...

How do you handle those days when you’re just not feeling it? Those days when you’re tired, worn out, and sick of the daily grind?

What do you do? Do you rely on discipline or motivation?  

Here’s what I tell myself when my head starts to get the best of me:

On the days I don’t really want to work out, but it’s a Monday or Tuesday, that’s exactly when I tell myself I should work out.

On those summer weekends when I really don’t want to program, or do accounting for the gym, that’s exactly when pour myself a coffee and suck it up because people rely on me…  

On those mornings when really want to get out of bed and pack my lunch for the day, that’s exactly when I get my lazy butt out of bed and pack my boring lunch.

Now, this could signal that I need a rest day, or just need a small break and those signals may be correct; but if I’m simply just giving into those feelings, then perhaps I need to reassess and push my rest day until tomorrow. Ignore the feeling of immediate gratification, the whispers in your ear, that tell you you’re in need of a break, when in fact, you may not.

My advice is simple: GO THROUGH THE MOTIONS! You’re better off having a crappy workout than no workout at all. You’re better starting that work project rather than watching TV. And you’re certainly better off getting out of bed rather than hitting the snooze. There’s nothing wrong with going through the motions, because in my head, it’s still forward progress!!

If this post is hitting home, you likely don’t need as many breaks as you are taking lately.

My second piece of advice is to push your rest day, or break, until tomorrow. When tomorrow comes, reassess, and if you can push it off one more day, do it! That’s the mantra of so many successful people including many of our busy clients, take it one day at a time.  

You’ll know deep down inside if you need a break, but there’s nothing wrong with going through the motions instead of taking an unwarranted rest day or break.

Now let's get _ done!

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