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December 28, 2022

About This Week...

So this week is usually one of the hardest week's to stay consistent with both exercise and nutrition.

Between the food, drinks, and bouncing around from house to house, it feels impossible to be make healthy choices. There are a few of you that won't deviate, which is super impressive. But if you're like me, bust out the stretchy pants. I actually use this week as a much-needed mental and physical "deload" from my usual routine.

The truth is you won't lose your fitness if you don't exercise much or at all this week. If you're worried you'll regress, I have good news: your fitness isn't going to disappear that easily. It just doesn't work that way.

If your concerned about gaining weight, assuming you weren't Joey Chestnut all week long, chances are you haven't gained any weight, if at all. Most of what you're feeling is water weight so if it's going to bring you grief, don't weigh yourself or try on your skinny jeans until you're back on track.

Why add more stress or feel guilty about your progress and miss the opportunity to be in the moment? My advice is to make a few dietary exceptions this week and enjoy the company around you.

In the meanwhile know that in the next week or two, we're all back to the weekly grind. I've done the math for you, most of you exercise between 156 to 260 times in a year. That's a lot of fitness folks and enough to move the needle! So don't stress about it, you'll bounce right back.

My other advice is simple. First, drink lots of water this week. Second, if you squeeze in any workouts this week, that's great and will help keep you in your routine. Third, if you're worried about the scale moving, just be more mindful of your food choices and always, delay instant gratification.

It may have taken me nearly 40 years to adopt this mindset, but I'm so grateful I have. Because my best memories have come from breaking bread with my friends and loved ones these last few years.

Have a great week, Shoreline and Happy Holidays!

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