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January 3, 2023

Some Thoughts On New Year's Resolutions…

Here are some thoughts on New Year's Resolutions…

For starters, I love them. Whether it's an assessment, such as a benchmark workout, a new calendar year, or a high school reunion, sometimes we need a nudge, or reality check to make positive and lasting change. And momentum is everything when you're struggling. So, why not have a resolution?!

Coincidentally, at the very top of every key work search when you look up the word "resolution" is weight loss and getting healthy. So, you can imagine, the gym business gets very busy this time of year.

But real-long lasting change doesn't mean you have to revamp your life completely. In fact, it's usually one or two smaller changes that make the biggest impact. Changes that you can adhere to over time that will serve you better.

Want to lower your bad cholesterol, but eat out 4 times a week? Why not start each meal with a house salad and skip the high fat items like cheese, bacon, and the house dressing? This would certainly help.

If you really want to make a change, try eating most of your meals at home. But giving up fried foods all together, or saying you'll never eat out again won't last unless you're a friggin' robot!

Struggling at work because of those late-night cocktails? Consider giving up alcohol during the week. You might think it's harmless to have a glass of wine or two a few nights a week, but besides brain fog, affecting your REM sleep, dehydration, and more… you won't miss much if you skip that glass. Again, if you really want to make changes, you could try going dry for the month of January and reassess in February.

Want to workout more, but can only get to the gym twice a week this next month because of work and family obligations? Then why not commit to a working out once or twice a week until you get out of the metaphorical weeds.

But we see it time and time again, people try to double sessions, buy expensive home gym equipment, and by the end of this month, only get frustrated and sometimes quit all together “until their schedule clears up”, which almost never happens. In this case, consistency even if it’s 1 day a week, will eventually become 2 days a week, and then possibly a more sustainable habit.

You can apply this logic to just about everything and it works. What doesn't work are extreme black-and-white rules.

My advice is, to pick 1 or 2 things you'd like to change. Be realistic without being completely restrictive, and most importantly, give it an honest go for two months.

If you want additional accountability, feel free to email me your resolutions and I'll make sure to follow up in 4-6 weeks.

Good luck, and let's crush 2023 TEAM SCF!!!!

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