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August 14, 2022

Lucky Year 13...

13 years ago today, we opened the doors of Shoreline CrossFit.

We were three young, optimistic fitness enthusiasts from West Haven and knew very little of Branford.

Our address was 4 Sycamore Way--right across the street from Humphry's. The gym was only 1,200 square ft.

Our Grand Opening workout was "Fran" which is 21-15-9 Thrusters 95/65 and Pull Ups.

That was the last time I beat Lauren in a workout…

Year one's projections were based on 15-20 members tops.

By the summer of 2010, we had over 150 members and were busting at the seams in our little space.

We moved to a much bigger space and, more importantly, a bigger vision for our community.

Our new home was 45 North East Industrial Road--across from Woodwinds.

That space was 10,000 square feet with two large workout areas and a very dingy warehouse we were allowed to use (Thanks, E).

We were a badass gym and quickly took over the competition scene.

For years, LP, Coach Meg, and others qualified for the CrossFit Regional and even the CrossFit Games. We would head westward with upwards of 30 people, shirtless in the stands, under the hot California sun, screaming for our athletes.

There were times that the Northeast Regional would have a sea of blue in the stands, as party busses brought rowdy, proud crews of over 100 members to support our athletes.

We spend countless hours training (very few of us had children then), sacrificing not only time, but our bodies. But we loved it.

For those first few years, we went hard…maybe a little too hard…but boy was it a time.

We've evolved since, but CrossFit, and being gritty will always be in our DNA.

Around 2015, the CrossFit scene quickly became saturated and needed to make some timely decisions.

We decided to downsize and moved our gym to 57 East Industrial Road next to the Rings End and TA Truck Stop.

We were just starting to get settled in and then our community was rocked on 7/7/17. We lost #2…

Our hearts were shattered, but we came together as a community, and we collectively picked up the pieces. Thank God for the community during that time.

That was, and will always be, the hardest obstacle Shoreline CrossFit has ever faced.

Some time passed, and in March 2020, and we faced a new challenge…Covid.

It was supposed to be only two weeks, but instead, we were closed for over 3 months.

Once again, our community pulled together and got us through a very difficult time.

At this time, our team conversations were gut-wrenching, but at the end of the day, we had a common vision, and that was to keep this community intact and to keep Shoreline CrossFit open despite financial constraints.

And so we did…

For those that are new to our gym, we just recently moved into the current space.

As of December, our new home is 540 East Main Street. She's absolutely perfect for our community and has that old-school CrossFit feel.

Our community is strong right now, and we plan to keep it that way.

What you see in front of you today is the culmination of our experiences, the countless loyal members over the years, and past and present trainers who were all self-sacrificing individuals.

Version 4.0 is better now. We've grown and know exactly who we want to serve, and that's all of you.

We entered this business to change lives and have a bulletproof, tight-knit community-- Mission accomplished.

We want to see you thrive in all aspects of your life and make one hour of your day a special one.

Coming from the restaurant business, we pride ourselves in service, which is our coaching and programming.

It's been one hell of a ride. Our very best friends have all been forged at Shoreline CrossFit. Marriages have been forged. Babies have been made 😆.

Today is certainly a day to celebrate, but more so, a day of gratitude. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Cheers to lucky number 13 and to many more….stay strong, Shoreline.

Coach DP

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