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March 27, 2023

Memorial Day Murph Prep...

Hi SCF Fam!

To begin, I'll start by thanking everyone for a great start to 2023. Our attendance is higher than in the previous few years and it's great to see so many people connecting outside the gym. Continue to be positive influences and hold each other accountable.

The purpose of this blog is to discuss Memorial Day Murph. This year, Memorial day is on Monday, May 23rd, roughly 8 weeks, or 2 months, away. For those new to Shoreline CrossFit, each year on Memorial Day, we honor Lieutenant Michael Murphy and all fallen service members by performing the CrossFit benchmark.

Click here to read more about Lt. Michael Murphy.

Murph, in order, includes:

  • One-mile run.
  • 100 pull-ups.
  • 200 push-ups.
  • 300 bodyweight squats.
  • A second one-mile run.
  • Advanced individuals wear a west vest 20/14

This will be our 13 out of 14th year programming Murph, with Covid being the only exception. Murph is, and will always be, a staple workout in our program. Not only is Murph the ultimate fitness assessment, but it tests endurance, mental and physical durability. Most importantly, it unites the CrossFit community as a whole and for the right reason. It's truly a special day.

Average Murph times are as follows:

  • Beginner: 63-71 minutes
  • Intermediate: 47-62 minutes
  • Advanced: 36-46 minutes
  • Elite: <35 minutes

For un-partitioned, add 15-20% to the times. As always, we plan to post a Mini or 1/2 Murph option for those that should scale this workout.

In terms of preparation, from now until May 29th, we plan to include a Murph workout progression each week. For the next few weeks, that day is Thursday. You've probably noticed our program's increased volume of pull-ups, push-ups, and squats.

While we're in the phase of accumulation of volume, perfect reps, and eventually intensity, remember why we're doing this workout, which is to honor fallen military members. This means all of our reps should be done to spec: full range of motion, to the absolute best of your abilities, and scale as needed.

Here's a video by 5.11 Tactical Weight Vest. We don't encourage people to go out and buy weight vests, we just found this video inspiring and short enough for my attention span.


We look forward to training alongside you all for the next 8 weeks. Let's goooooooooo!!!!


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