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January 13, 2022

Our Programming Style...

Our programming is simple and effective. We won’t give out our recipe completely, but we consider every detail starting with a thoughtful warm-up, a strength progression, and a proper workout prescription that allows you to individualize your workout experience.

Here’s a brief explanation of training blocks and specifically of our idea of Meso Cycle down below:

A microcycle is a 2-week training block at SCF but can be as little as 1 week. A Meso Cycle is a 4-week block. A Macro Cycle is the big picture usually lasting 3 months or longer.

Weeks 1-2: Our Micro Cycles usually start with a stabilization phase to get your muscles firing properly and focus on proper mechanics before adding load and allowing for some adaptation.

Weeks 3-4: We piggyback another Micro Cycle after the introductory period. In this next block, we focus on time under tension (tempo, pauses, etc) and loading. By weeks 3 and 4, you’re liking chomping at the bits to add some weight on the bar and perform more reps. Now your body and central system are primed to progress in many different ways. It's actually impressive to see how quickly the body can adapt with some consistency.

Weeks 5-6: We then decide, depending on the movement and functionality, if we’re going to add another 2 week period. If we do, it’s likely % based lifting between 70-85% with fewer reps (5 or less) and a focus on intensity. The benefit here is less volume; therefore less taxing on the body. It’s also less cognitive (aka less thinking and more doing), raw, and empowering. Who doesn't love to heavy-lift once and a while?

With this approach, we keep the program varied enough to keep your interest, it's still very progressive, and in the bigger picture allows for longevity. We’ll stop right here so we don’t bore you, but there is a method to our madness and we appreciate your trust over the years.

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