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November 4, 2022

"A Case Of The F#@K Its"

A very reliable source, aka Urban Dictionary, kidding, describes ACOTFIs as a mindset shift when you go from caring and being obsessive to giving up or not caring at all. It's sometimes a conscious decision, but other times it could be unconscious or a case of fatigue. Whether it's at work, in our personal lives, or at the gym, we’ve all been there. There's even a song about it on Spotify named after this condition…it's not good, so don't bother (but what do I know about music???!).

Recently, I met with a client, and we discussed her goals and how to prevent this mindset. You see, this client is very motivated and consistent, but every once in a while, she raises both hands in the air and gives a big YOLO. To be honest, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with enjoying life and having a moment now and then, but this is somewhat uncharacteristic of her and doesn’t align with her goals. There does come the point when this mindset can become destructive or even become the new norm. And that’s when you need to snap out of it.

As we head into what people in recovery refer to as the Bermuda Triangle of Holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's Eve/Day), I feel as if it’s important to consider your goals and how the holidays might affect you. You don’t have to skip Thanksgiving dinner, but if you do have goals, just make sure one day doesn’t turn into a week or even the remainder of the year.

For my client, we decided to organize her calendar and block off time for the non-negotiables: grocery shopping, meal prepping, 4 days of exercise a week, and even budgeted time for recreation so that things don’t feel so rigid. But, by having a plan of attack, I’m confident that she will head into the new year with some serious momentum, and action plan, and, therefore, crush her goals.

We hope that after reading this, you’ll develop a plan to enjoy the festivities and stay on pace with your goals and values.

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