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May 25, 2022


I'm not sure I'm the best example of balance. In fact, I think it's impossible to find perfect homeostasis for most of us.

Most days, I wake up early to sneak in emails, programming, and clean up my daily to-do-list all before our little guy wakes up, which is around 6:30am. During the day, I tend to pack my schedule tight with personal training sessions, calls, meetings, and gym projects. In the evening, I obsess over the next day's work and ideally sneak in another 30-45 minutes before bedtime. The weekends are even busier. So, I rarely leave time for myself to relax and recharge, unless Lauren schedules it in for me. I'm not sure balance is something I'll ever discover. In a perfect world, I would leave work at work so when I'm home, I'm home. This seems to be a shared sentiment with our members; I know I'm not an anomaly here.

​ However, when it comes to my fitness being a priority, I've made massive strides these last 6 months. I make a concentrated effort to block off time daily to sneak in a workout. It's not always an hour, but it's on my list of priorities. In fact, it's usually first or second on my daily to-do-list. It needs to be since I tend to self-destruct when I obsess over work or get distracted by things that don't "move the needle." I'm lucky enough to work in a gym, but like you, I can lose perspective. Unless I schedule it in, it doesn't happen. Some days, I feel guilty about stealing time for myself, but I know it's something that I must do, not necessarily something I always want to do.

President Eisenhower came up with the Eisenhower priority matrix. If you look at his chart, he labels each category based on its level of importance.

First Quadrant (upper left): urgent and important
Second Quadrant (upper right): important, but not urgent
Third Quadrant (lower left): not important, but urgent
Fourth Quadrant (lower right): neither important, nor urgent

Although I love a good priorities list, Eisenhower placed exercise in the second quadrant and not the first. Many of you do a great job of getting here consistently, but I know there's a large group of you that struggle to make time consistently, or to make your health a priority.

Pardon me, Dwight, but I would make the argument that if your health is not, "Urgent and Important" something else will always takes its place. We all get the same 24-hour day. If we consistently push our health into lower quadrants, we won't have it; and this isn't just about aesthetics, folks; it's about living.

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