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May 11, 2022

"Time To Make The Donuts"

If you've been on this earth for roughly 30 years, you might remember the Dunkin Donuts commercials of Fred the Baker saying, "time to make the donuts." In about 10 seconds, you could gather that Fred's character got up before dawn, day after day, just to make the donuts for you. Although Fred wasn't always enthusiastic about his work, you could always count on Fred to make the donuts. It truly was a great commercial.  

But that catch phrase is so much more than just reporting to work, isn't it? It's about accepting whatever the day has in store for us, as if it's our dang job!! It's not something that comes natural to everyone, but once you can accept that life doesn't get any easier, the daily grind does become easier to accept.  

Now, you don't have to imagine getting up at 4am to get the day started, although some of us do (kudos to those psychos <Insert Kissy Face Emoji>). What about the days that you're exhausted by the work week, or can't seem to find time for your fitness? Do you continue showing up for yourself?  

You see, making the donuts is so much more than just reporting to work (that's easy), or taking care of everyone else (not always easy); it's about balancing all of the responsibilities that come with being an adult. It's balancing your home life, being an assassin at work, and no matter what, making time for your health, so you can continue to show up day in and day out (in all avenues) for years to come.

Although it was just a commercial, what a great lesson for us all. Now, you don't need my permission to have a donut, but all I ask is the next time you want to skip the gym, meal prep, or just have a weak moment, be like Fred and "make the donuts".    

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