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October 27, 2022

Our Box Rules...

Shoreline CrossFit's success over the last 13 years has been more than just a fluke. And although we can say the coaching staff and programming is a large part of this, the truth is, we've been successful because of our community. 

Weekly, LP and I attend church.  It is rare to hear something that we have never heard before, but we still always deem the message worth the visit.  Why? Because in the world that we live in it is human nature to revert back into selfish habits.  The constant reminders of virtues that we want to adhere to help to keep us on the path that we wish to follow.  Keeping this in mind, from time-to-time it is necessary to send out a friendly reminder of our box rules, so we can keep this community cohesive across all time slots: 

For starters, old members--introduce yourselves to our new members. Over the last year, we've got some new faces in the gym and many of them are here to stay! Do you remember when you started and how scary it was?! Just learning how much a barbell weighed was overwhelming. Remember getting those butterflies in your stomach?? That newbie may need your experience, a high five, or just a familiar smile. But you never know, he/she could become your bestie!   

Secondly, listen to your coaches. They know what they're talking about and are only trying to do their job, which is to inform, instruct, and enforce proper technique. If you're late, or talking when they are giving instruction, we may speak over you or ask you to quiet down, but it's all in your best interest and for everyone else in the class. Just imagine if you were making a sale at work, or teaching a class, and someone was talking over you?! Sounds frustrating right? Well, just think about this the next time a coach politely asks you to listen. 

Thirdly, now that we're seeing some new faces, we all need to share the space and equipment. This is especially true with larger classes. But some of us are creatures of habit, and have claimed our own spots or pull-up bar, but the truth is, for this space to work, we all have to be flexible and adaptable from time to time; being a 10-year SCF veteran is not indicative of more space or equipment.  When you arrive, sure, go ahead and claim your spot, but please only set up your equipment. If someone is in "your spot," just grab the next open spot. This has come up lately, and before this becomes a larger issue, we want to address it here. 

Lastly, always do the right thing. The right things are the little things that allow a community like ours to run smoothly for everyone. So that means, strive to get to class on time, sign into class using the Triib app, share the space and equipment, clean up after yourself, put your equipment away, cheer on your neighbor, and just be brotherly or sisterly. Think of the qualities that you attempt to inculcate in your children; BE THESE THINGS, not just for the people who you know and like, but for everyone. 

Many of you have been with us through thick and thin, but we could all use a friendly reminder of the Golden Rule, as well as the importance of respecting one's neighbor. As your coaches, you make us want to be better and we hope we do the same for you. In many ways, you've become some of our dearest friends and extended family. In an effort to keep Shoreline CrossFit the warm and inviting community that it is, let's all do our share.   

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.  We are honored and humbled to serve each and every one of you.  

Team SCF 

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