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March 21, 2022

It's Just Work...

I certainly don't love to memorialize workouts other than those crafted by CrossFit for fallen heroes, but let's talk about last Tuesday's workout…

The workout was for time, and it consisted of 20 rounds of 3 Hang Power Cleans, 5 Burpees, and 7 Air Squats. It was a relatively light Hang Power Clean (if scaled correctly), but it was a decent amount of volume. The weather was warmer, a little cool, but it seemed like perfect breathing conditions.

Some members entered the gym as if this workout were apocalyptic, calling the programming insane and overkill. One person at 5 am, "saluted" Coach Kyle with his two longest fingers saying, "100 Burpees after yesterday's workout; that's dumb." On the other hand, we had some that had a more methodical approach, setting conservative expectations of themselves. Then, there are always those few outliers that arrive looking like Sylvester Stallone in Rambo ready to enter the battlefield. Regardless, 82 brave souls walked into the gym on Tuesday, took on the assignment, and are that much fitter for it.

You can't see our Coach's notes Triib, but here's what we had to say about the workout: "For the workout, we want a fast turner over style workout. If scaled accordingly, those rounds should be between 30-45 seconds. So, we're looking at a 12 to 17 minute workout, which includes depreciation." For the most part, we were right about the average times. The fastest time of the day was 11:17, and the slowest time was time-capped. I tell you this simply because I want you to know there's an intended stimulus for each workout. Occasionally, a few people get "shellacked" by either a weight selection, movement, or lack of pace management, but we certainly don't want anyone to leave feeling defeated. Some people love a good beatdown, but again, that's not always our goal. Trust us, we'll warn you first.

When I write a 20-round workout, I know there's a physiological component, and that's the point. For those that didn't have a plan, they struggled--breathing way too heavy, too early, and anxious about the last 10 rounds, instead of taking it one round at a time. Those that came in with a plan, tended to find this workout to be almost pleasant and felt a sense of accomplishment each round they completed. We could see the check marks on scrap paper all over the gym. Although it's "only a workout" we want you to be intentional, move well, and leave 1% better (cheesy, I know).

Even our best athletes need to remember, the first word in workout is "work." Your workouts don't define you in any way, it's just work. Sometimes work can suck, and other times it's a blast, but at the end of the day, it's just work. Treat it that way when you find yourselves worrying about your individual performance.

So, the next time you see another workout that resembles 20 palettes of CrossFit getting dropped off on your mental loading dock, remember to have a plan, and take it one palette at a time. Before you know it, your shift will be over.

Keep killing it Shoreline! Your workout ethic is unparalleled.

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