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January 10, 2021

2021 Winter Nutrition Challenge

With the last year we've all had, we wanted to offer you a challenge that allows you to make realistic changes that are long-lasting. Also, based on your survey responses, the two biggest takeaways were 40% of you wanted accountability and 36% of you wanted a simple meal plan. We think we accomplished both of those in this challenge. The other 24% was split between a physical assessment and motivation.  

For accountability, we're assigning all participants a randomly selected team which will be lead by a Shoreline CrossFit Coach. So this is both an individual and team effort. A weekly team zoom call will be held with your team's coach and you can ask individual nutrition questions during that time or during the week. Each coach will have their own approach, but once we have your body scans and goals, your coach can provide you with more guidance.    

For a meal plan, we're assigning you basic guidelines to follow below. Before you dig into the material, this is not a restrictive challenge. This is more about addition vs subtraction. So although there are things you may want to remove from your life. We're going to focus on adding quality foods and retraining our minds on how we think about nutrition.  

<< There's a members-only link at the very bottom to register for the challenge through TRIIB. >>  

Thank you for your time and consideration. We want to see you all succeed 2021! Okay, now you can read the details!


For participants to develop an awareness of the quantity and quality of foods consumed, and to help shape new and realistic dietary habits. We’re looking to set you up for the long haul! 

Challenge Dates: 1/18 to 2/28                                                                                            

Duration: 6 weeks                                                                                                   

Cost: $40 per                                                                                                             

There’s a 100% money-back guarantee if you’re not happy with this new format after week 2.  


Participants will aim to eat balanced meals each day according to a plate (50% vegetables & fruit with minimal starches, 30% protein & 20% fat).  The foods consumed must be chosen from a list of favorable foods. Participants are not penalized for eating foods that are not on the favorable list, rather they are encouraged to choose favorable foods and will earn points for doing so. There are no penalties in this challenge as it is positive reinforcement-based training. 


Participants will be responsible for updating their daily score in the Triib Mobile App. 

Each participant can earn up to 3 points a day assuming that you’re eating 3  or more balanced meals daily. You can eat more than 3 balanced meals daily, but in terms of scoring, you're capped at 3 points.   

Participants can earn 1 point for consuming a balanced plate at all meals and all foods consumed from the favorable food list. (the weekly scoring potential = 21 points) 

Participants can earn 1 point for completing a workout that day. (the weekly scoring potential is 6 points, 6 workouts a week, 1 rest day required)   

Each participant's weekly scoring potential is 27 points.   


The purpose of the body scan is to show you your body fat percentages, lean muscle mass, water weight, basil metabolic rate, and much more. What's the point of losing weight if you break down all your lean muscle in the process? We'll send out a video explaining what your body scan actually means and your coaches will provide further insight. Your individual reports will remain confidential.  

Bodyscans will be taken before and after. Body scans must before Sunday 1/24. We plan to send out times so you can register for your scans ASAP. Post challenge body scans dates will be posted at a later time.  

Prior to your body scan, download the Inbody app through the app store to save your #s pre and post-challenge.  

Benchmark Workout

We’ll have one benchmark workout with multiple levels which is currently to be determined. The benchmark workout will be posted as the workout of the day on Wednesday 11/20 for all 8-time slots. The only rule here is that you have to repeat the workout in the same manner that it was performed at the end of the challenge. Movement standards will be posted in the Triib app.

Winners (Individual & Teams)

Individual Male & Female Winners

Determined by the total combination of points based on 3 metrics: 

Total # of daily points earned throughout the challenge period. 

Total body fat % loss  

Total benchmark workout time decrease

Example: If you have 50 participants the person with the largest percentage of body fat loss would receive 50 points, the second would receive 49, and so on. The same goes for benchmark workout improvements.

Team Winners

The Team with the most bodyfat lost, highest point totals and benchmark workout improvement will be crowned the winners.  


Both male and female winners receive 1 Free Month of an unlimited membership, a plaque to be displayed at home or at the gym, new Nike Met-Cons, and unlimited body scans for 2021.   

The winning team members will receive $50 gift card to their favorite restaurant and serious bragging rights!    

One person could win both as an individual and team earning all the prizes. Boom!

The winning team's coach get's a hefty $$$ bonus as well!     

Favorable Foods

Think real, whole foods-- things that are alive or were once were living. Shop the perimeter of the grocery store. Anything that comes in a package is questionable (i.e., bagged spinach, ok, granola, not ok.)


Lean meats (Chicken, Turkey, Seafood best, lean beef etc. Count as protein. *Eggs count as protein but yolk also counts toward fat.)


All fruit, all potatoes, corn, yucca, plantains, legumes (lentils, beans, peas, peanuts, etc.), *Gluten-free grains such as oats, quinoa, brown rice, etc. are allowed with caution, pay attention to serving size on the nutrition label and stick to 1 serving a day. Unless you are super active or work a very physical job, aim to have at least one meal during the day without processed starches. 


Oils, nuts, nut butters, seeds, dressings, olives, avocado (no added sugars)


Water, seltzer water, almond milk/nut, soy milk, coconut milk (make sure they are unsweetened) dairy milk and freshly squeezed fruit juices are allowed as ingredients in recipes/for flavoring but shouldn’t be a full beverage.


One serving of alcohol per day is allowed but will count toward a starch. In the past, we’ve penalized participants for drinking non-approved alcoholic drinks or more than 1 drink in an evening. All we’re going to say here is practice moderation and your team’s success can depend on how much you indulge.   

Unfavorable Foods + FAQs

-Fatty and processed meats (bacon, sausage, deli meat, jerky)

-Highly processed food (white rice, pasta, bread, chips, crackers, etc.)

-Fried food

-Fast food

-Added sugar, natural or artificial sweeteners

-Soda and diet soda, juices


-Protein powder? Allowed as long as there are no added sugars or artificial ingredients. Ask your Team Coach if you need guidance. 

-Condiments and dressings? Check ingredient label and stay clear of added sugar, try to stick to serving size on the nutrition label.

-Dried fruit? Ok in moderation, but stick to serving size.

-Protein bars? Must contain only real food/approved ingredients. Ask your Team Coach if you need guidance. 

-Dairy? Allowed if there is an absence of sensitivity. Avoid yogurt with added sugar. Most cheese will be high in fat, but cottage cheese would count toward protein. Read nutrition labels! 

-Coffee/Tea? Allowed, but needs to be unsweetened. 

-Eating out? Do your best! Ask for double veggies instead of pasta or rice. Ask that fats not be added when cooking, dressings on the side. Take a portion of the meal to go and save for later.

-Hunger tips? We encourage you to ask yourself daily, how are we feeling? This is called mindfulness eating and to lose weight you need to be at a calorie deficit. It is normal to feel hungry but should never feel like your “starving.” The purpose is to work on timing out meals strategically throughout the day. 

-Hydration? Just like in our weekly challenges, we’re asking you to hydrate by drinking ½ your body weight of water in ounces daily (ex. 200lb person would need to drink 100 ounces of water, which is just shy of a gallon). There’s no penalty for not meeting this goal however, oftentimes perceived hunger can be satisfied by the world’s greatest resource. 

-Sleep? Sleep also plays a role in your energy levels, hunger, and lowering stress hormones. Your goal throughout this challenge is 7 hours a day. (ex. If you want to go to the 6:15 am class, at the latest you would want to go to bed is sometime around 10 am). There’s no penalty for not meeting this goal, however, your coach will encourage you to try your best here.    

TRIIB REGISTRATION LINK CLICK HERE. If you have issues registering, email


That's all for now. More details to follow via email....

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